The Growing Menagerie

One of our new petsA recent visit to some friends involved a treasure hunt for the children in their beautiful garden. The treasure they were seeking was four tortoises, and the prize – two of them to bring home! Named Fifi and Hugo, Lucas is intrigued by their ability to hide inside their shells. Not only that, they even dig holes to hide themselves from the sun so the treasure hunt continues in our own garden.

Our growing menagerie now consists of a dog, three cats, two rabbits, 13 chickens, three sheep and now two tortoises – it’s lucky we’re keen on animals. There is lots of activity for our little guests to watch; the chickens positively race over to the fence whenever anyone approaches in the hope that titbits will follow, the rabbits adore apple and carrot peelings not to mention lettuce leaves and the sheep are impatient for Andy to bring them bits of shrub and branches with fresh green leaves now that the grass is dry and brown.

Nibbles with SyraNibbles is always voted the most friendly cat by guests, she loves coming to say hello and receiving strokes in return. She’s grown up with three children giving heavy handed cuddles so she’s very patient with little ones manhandling her, and Nibbles and Millie are happy for her to take the limelight – allowing them to snooze in peace.

I wonder what will join us next?

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