Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions​


We accept initial reservations for the current and following year only.


Reservations will be confirmed on return of a completed booking form and the deposit or full payment of the rental charge according to the schedule set out in paragraph 4. Until that time no contract or agreement will be considered to exist. If significant changes need to be made in the booking after the reservation has been confirmed, an amended set of forms must be completed and returned.


The Party Leader is the person who holds the booking, to whom all correspondence and invoices are addressed and who is responsible for the rental. Spouses’ names are not considered interchangeable.


The price quoted on the rental invoice is the contractual rental price. The payment schedule for the rental price is as follows:

  • If the initial reservation is received less than nine weeks before the first day of the rental period, the completed and signed booking form must be accompanied by 100% of the total invoice price within two working days.
  • If the initial reservation is received more than nine weeks before the first day of the rental period, the completed and signed booking form must be accompanied by a deposit of 30% of the total invoice price within three working days. The balance will be invoiced six weeks before the first day of the rental period and must be paid within three working days.

If payments are not received on time we reserve the right without prior notice to cancel the booking outright and apply cancellation charges.


Rental payments are accepted in Pounds Sterling only and may be made by bank transfer or Paypal in accordance with the restrictions set out in the above schedule.

We do not accept credit or debit cards except via Paypal.

If a final bill is due this is presented by the owners of the property at the end of the rental period and must be paid directly to them in Euros (€).


The letting period for each property is blocks of a week, Sunday to Sunday. Additional days are subject to prior agreement and charged pro rata.



Guests are expected to arrive at the property between 4:00 pm and 11:00pm on the first day of the rental period. If a different arrival time is anticipated, notification must be received in writing by email in advance. If an unforeseen delay should occur, every effort should be made to contact the owners at the telephone number provided.


Guests are expected to vacate the property by 9:00am on the final day of the rental period. We will inspect the property at 9:00am and present the final bill. Should departure prior to 9:00am be necessary, clients are requested to notify the owners at the beginning of the rental period in order to arrange an alternative time for the property inspection.


If a final bill is issued it will have two sections. The first lists the specific costs of extra services requested (eg. shopping, extra cleaning, babysitting). The second section details any additional charges such as repairs required as a result of damages caused by the rental party together with the resulting charge. The final bill is presented by the owners at the conclusion of the rental period and is payable to them in Euros (cash).


Substantial amendments to bookings, such as a change of dates or cancellation must be conveyed in writing by email and are subject to penalty charges as follows:

  • Notices of cancellation or of substantial amendments received within nine weeks or less of the first day of the rental period are subject to a penalty of 100% of the invoice price.
  • Notices of cancellation received nine weeks or more prior to the first day of the rental period, for bookings in the current year or for bookings in the following year made after December 15th, are subject to a penalty of 30% of the invoice price.
  • In the case of an appeal to amend the dates of a holiday, it is only possible to request dates before the original rental period. If dates are available and there is a difference in price where the difference is greater than the rental fee originally paid, this will be invoiced to the party leader and must be paid within three days. If the difference is less than the rental fee originally paid the owner will not refund the difference.
  • Under no circumstances is it possible to sell on, give away a booking, or to substitute names.


The booking can be upgraded at any time to accommodate a larger group up to the maximum number of people allowed at that property. The upgrade request and the acceptance of the upgrade must be given in writing.


We undertake to notify guests in the unlikely event that we are forced to make changes to their booking. Should the property become unavailable for reasons beyond our control, we will do our utmost to find an alternative property in the same area and of a similar description, and reserve the right to transfer your booking to that property. Should no similar or suitable properties be available, we will refund the full amount paid to us for the rental and additional services but we will not be liable for cancellation charges pertaining to travel arrangements.


The extra services available are detailed on our website (see ‘little extras’). Extra services may be requested up to seven (7) days before the first day of the rental period. We cannot guarantee fulfillment of any extra services requested as some of these are provided by third parties. We do our utmost to ensure that the individual engaged to perform the service fulfils their duties in a professional manner but we are not liable for any inadequacies.

Cleaning service. The maid service included with the property rentals involves cleaning and tidying only. Please note that this service does not cover the making of the beds, cleaning of the kitchen, laundry or ironing. Extra cleaning service costs €15 per hour.

Cook Service. A personal chef costs €65 per person for a three-course meal and half a bottle of wine.

Shopping. If you send us a shopping list in advance of your arrival we shall arrange this for you. Beyond the cost of the items themselves, there is no charge for the shopping service.

Babysitting. Costs €10 per hour until midnight, €15 per hour (or part of) thereafter.

Prices serve as a guideline and are subject to change which shall be advised by the owner of the property.


Guests are responsible for ensuring that they hold the proper documentation for their visit to Italy.


Guests with infants and small children should check if the equipment they require is available (see ‘for families’). These may not conform to safety standards and are used at guests’ own risk.


Linens and tableware

Properties are supplied with linens, towels and tableware sufficient for the number of guests indicated in the booking form. Fresh linens and towels are provided weekly.


Hot water is included in the rental charge, central heating levies a charge of €10 per day.

Should problems arise with the delivery of water, gas or electricity, we will do our utmost to remedy the situation but we cannot accept responsibility for non-delivery due to circumstances beyond our control.


Use of the swimming pool and trampoline is strictly at guests’ own risk and children should be supervised at all times.


The property lies within a rural area where livestock and wildlife are present. In addition, the owners have three dogs, three cats, hens, rabbits and sheep. For these reasons guests’ pets are not accepted without the owners’ permission.


The properties will be in a clean and well-maintained state when you arrive, and it is expected that you and your party will keep them so throughout the rental period. If a property has not been left in an acceptable state, we withhold the right to add up to €13.00 per person to the final bill for the extra cleaning and tidying required.

The Party Leader is responsible for the decent behaviour of his party. Should the party behave in a manner that is not acceptable, we have the right to ask you to vacate the premises. No camping is permitted on the grounds.


If a problem occurs at the property, it is the guests’ responsibility to notify the owners promptly so that they may take the action required. The Party Leader is liable for any damages caused to the property, its contents or grounds by any member of the party or the loss of any articles belonging to the property. The cost of repairing any damages caused by the party or replacing of any articles lost will be included in the final bill.


By completing and returning the booking form, you and all members of your party acknowledge full awareness of these booking conditions and agree to accept and abide by the terms stated.

We do not have any obligation to compensate you for any personal injury, death, loss or damage of whatever nature suffered by you (or by any member of your party).

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