Spring flowers

Trullo poppies
Pretty poppies

We’ve seamlessly swept into Spring and are already into our fourth week of the new season.

Luckily we’ve had almost non-stop sunshine and temperatures reaching 30 degrees on some days so it’s felt more like summer than springtime. This has made all our guests very happy after the UK’s long and punishing winter.

It’s such a pretty time of year here, the wildflowers are abundant and crowd out from verges, stand tall in the fields and colour our land with shades of poppy red, buttercup yellow and lavender blue. While the verges will remain untouched for a while, our own fields are being cut today, the crops will be left to dry out and then baled up for hay. This is not only for winter use but also in summer once the sun has dried out the grass.

As the months progress so the land gets browner as it’s all harvested, ploughed, strimmed and burnt, all part of land management but also to prevent fires in the summer, a real hazard here and often caused by a careless cigarette end being thrown out of a car window.

All our animals are gorging themselves on the rich grass and basking in the sunshine. The lamb is almost as big as Bella now and Andy has converted the old sheep shelter into a home for our two new rabbits – Snow (you’ll never guess what colour she is!) and Meadow. And the hens are so content they’re giving us as many as five eggs a day so there’s plenty for children to come and collect!

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