Our little extras


February is almost upon us and here at Rustic Puglia we’re turning our minds to the coming season and going through all that has to be done between now and April so that everything looks spick and span when guests arrive.

Every year we like to add something new, last year it was the fabulous gazebo up by the pool. This winter Andy has been busy building a new stall for the sheep in the bottom paddock, it’s five star accommodation and with Bella looking a little round it may need to house three of them.

We’re also reviewing all the little extras we offer. With a tweak to the home cooking menu and a change to it being in-house catering there are now six choices of main and pudding all for €10 per person for two courses.

For parents who’d like some time to themselves and a change of scenery we can babysit for €25 per evening until midnight. We can recommend and book one of the many wonderful restaurants here for you.

And don’t forget, as well as finding the kitchen well-stocked with all the essential herbs and spices we provide tea (proper English tea, not Italian imposter tea), coffee, pasta, sauce, bread, butter, water, wine and of course our own delicious olive oil. So whatever time you arrive you’ll have some basics to get you through until you can go shopping.

Talking of shopping, if you’d rather have it delivered we offer our own version of Ocado. Send us your list and for €15 (plus the cost of your shopping) we’ll do it for you so that the fridge is full on your arrival.

We’re also stocking a small selection of wine so if you’re baffled by the choice on offer locally you can choose from our list of ones that we think are good.

Roll on summer!

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