Olive oil special offer!

Look at the colour!
Look at the colour

The delicious oil that we produced in November has finally reached British soil and we have a special offer to celebrate.

Instead of £10 for 500ml we have a limited supply of 65 tins containing 750ml which we’re selling for £10, that’s 50% extra free!

Please note that these are 1 litre tins containing 750ml.

And just to remind you, here are the special qualities of our olive oil:

  • It’s organic (although our land isn’t yet certified, a mind-boggling bureaucratic nightmare to achieve)
  • It’s extra virgin – we race it to be pressed 24-48 hours after the first olive has been picked
  • It’s single estate – all the olives are from one piece of land so every tree has been subject to the same micro-climate and growing conditions
  • It’s unblended – we keep each pressing of oil separate, we don’t mix the oil of different pressings together
  • It’s hand picked – our own fair hands harvest the olives, it’s hard work but worth it when you get the final product
  • It’s stone ground – the olives are crushed by a mill stone as it was done 5000 years ago
  • It’s cold pressed – this is the traditional method where the olives are tipped as they are into the mill, more modern presses use heat in various ways as it yields more oil but we prefer the old fashioned way
  • It’s unfiltered – some mills filter the oil to remove the sediment but we think it risks removing some of the flavour

So get your orders in and make the most of our special offer: £10 for 750ml + £3.50 p&p.

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