Merry Christmas

013It’s a long time since our last post – the reality of having three children and being busy here at Rustic Puglia means less time at the computer, or just less time! Thank you to all the lovely guests who chose to have their holiday with us, with months and months of sunshine the pool was enjoyed by everyone right up until the end of October – amazing. Younger guests give our animals lots of pets and love, much to their delight, and the addition of the sheep, which Andy lead-trained so that he can graze them, has given us a lot of pleasure. Our real live Easter bunny surprise turned out to be less interesting to the children than the chocolate eggs they were gathering, and ended up terrorising the chickens to such an extent that they refused to go into the henhouse and lay eggs. They naturally shut up shop in August when they find it too hot to do anything much, but it was only when they were still not laying in November that we put two and two together. Now the rabbit shares the sheep’s lodgings and so far hasn’t bullied them into submission. Our project over the winter months has been to build a proper lounging area under the gazebo by the pool, now it’ll be even harder to drag yourself away from all the comforts that we provide. We’ve also done two presses of our organic olives for oil and, as ever, it’s a delicious taste of goodness and sunshine – yours for just £10/litre. With Christmas just a week away we can barely suppress the children’s excitement, the weather’s becoming a bit more seasonal but we’re enjoying stoking the fire with all the wood that Andy’s collected from pruning our trees to keep us warm. We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a rosy 2012.

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