Indian summer

Rustic PugliaThe Blog has been very quiet over the last few months, due in no small part that the children get 14 weeks’ summer holiday (yes, 14 weeks!) so time at the laptop is limited while we’re keeping them entertained. Now that they’re safely returned to their teachers’ care we’re turning our attention back to all things Rustic Puglia.

While all the indicators are there that the season has turned to Autumn, the sun continues to be warm and we’re still enjoying trips to the beach at the weekend. Late September and early October see the vineyards alive with the grapes being harvested for wine, known as ‘la vendemmia’. We’ve decided not to produce wine ourselves but Andy always lends a hand to friends who do, in return for a few bottles of course!

Our log pile is pleasingly high and lighting the first fire is a ceremony we all enjoy. When the house was renovated we installed a ‘green’ heating system where the fireplace heats the water that feeds the radiators. Burning wood is carbon neutral as opposed to traditional gas central heating, and with gas being hugely expensive here it saves us a fortune as well.

As our last guests enjoy their week in Puglia, our focus in on the fast approaching olive harvest which will happen in early November. Soon we’ll be promoting this year’s olive oil, nothing beats the first taste of newly pressed olive oil. Watch this space.

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