In his shoes

Rustic Puglia holiday villaAndy returns home from a week’s well deserved break in England after a record 26 week season.

While he’s been busy catching up with friends and family I took over as farm hand, and although his shoes are way too big for me I did find his overalls very useful for all the mucky work it involved.

So my days went something like this:

  • 6:30am Get up and let all the animals out
  • 7:00 Get the children washed, dressed and fed
  • 8:00 School run
  • 9:00 Change into aforementioned overalls and muck out the sheep, the henhouse and the rabbits
  • 10:15 Try to clean up all the hay and grain I’ve dropped while doing the above
  • 10:30 Peel off the overalls and survey the fallout from getting three children ready for school. Have a coffee to provide energy for this
  • 10:45-11:45 Battle with trying to get the house back into some kind of order
  • 2:45pm Check all the animals have enough food and water to last through the night
  • 3:30 School run
  • 5:30 Lock all the animals in for the night
  • 7:30 Put the children to bed
  • 9:30 Fall into bed!

It’s been fun having a change to my usual routine and the weather’s blissful – I’m not sure I’d have been so gung-ho if it had been tipping down with rain for a week. But we’re all thrilled that he’s shortly back and I shan’t mind returning his overalls.

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