Happy Earth Day!

Rustic Puglia luxury trulli villa in Puglia
Rustic Puglia by Rosie age 9

Today is selected as World Earth Day, when we take a moment to reflect our impact on the planet and pledge to do more to reduce our carbon footprint. Our premise right from the start of our Rustic Puglia adventure was to incorporate a greener way of living. We have solar panels which gives us hot water, collect rainwater from our roofs, use a woodburning stove in the winter which is fed from what we naturally prune from the trees, grow lots of veg, compost all our green waste and farm the land organically. We can all do more, and I’ve taken a pledge to use the cold cycle in the washing machine whenever possible. One small thing which would make a huge impact if we all did likewise.

Happy Earth Day – what’s your pledge?

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