Four years on

Family James in 2008It was on 11 October 2008 that we arrived to take up our new life in Puglia, four years on from having bought the plot with tumbledown buildings in 2004 with a vision of how it all could be. This photo was taken for a small piece in Red magazine, Andy and I full of nervous hope for the future and Rosie and Lucas, then aged 2 and 7 months, blissfully ignorant of the giant leap we’d made from London.

Now we are fiveThe second picture was taken for a recent article in The Times, with Lucas now aged 4 and extremely reluctant to pose for the camera, Rosie now a big girl who’s nearly 7 and Syra, who was born here, more or less the age Rosie was when we arrived. With dogs, cats, hens, sheep and a rabbit added to the mix we’re well and trulli (sorry!) entrenched in life in Puglia.

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