Acquedotto walkway & cycle route

family friendly villa in puglia
Acquedotto map

The past few months have seen the Acquedotto Pugliese route getting a facelift and, with maps erected along the way, it’s now an excellent walkway or cycle route.

The acquedotto’s history is impressive, work began in the early 1900s but with WW1 interrupting things it wasn’t finished until just before WW2 broke out. Covering a much wider area than our own piece of Puglia, it begins near Naples and ends right at the bottom of the heel, supplying water all along the way.

family friendly trullo in Puglia
Acquedotto history

Puglia is particularly pretty in springtime and a saunter along the route will reward you with warm sunshine and carpets of wildflowers. It passes near our house and we can drop you at a point along the route so that you can walk back, or if you prefer to cycle it we can help with bike hire.


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